Meteor in Action

Learn fullstack reactivity

Meteor brings the fun back to developing web applications. Let us show you how to make the most of this amazing platform to impress users, reduce development time, and turn your ideas into code.
We finished the book in September 2015. Let us know what you think in the book forums.

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The book is available as both eBook (PDF, ePub, Kindle) and print edition.

What to expect

earth orbit

Meteor Platform

Learn what makes Meteor so special and sets it apart from the traditional ways to build web applications. We take a close look at the core components in depth.

magic wand

Fullstack Reactivity

Use JavaScript on both the frontend and the server without having to become an expert in Node.js. We explain the magic behind Meteor's reactivity.

browser ui

Powerful Templates

See how to build templates using Spacebars and how to connect them to your data. Meteor in Action shows you how to efficiently use Blaze to create reusable UI components.

cloud files

Reactive Data

We teach you how to work with Collections and the publication/subscribe mechanism used by Meteor. We show you ways to secure your application using simple but effective concepts.


Solve common problems

We give you real-world solutions to typical tasks such as managing users, working with files, scaling and deployment, and more.


Using Packages

Extend Meteor with community packages and enhance its functionality with a single command. You will learn how to use Meteor's own Isobuild system and create your own packages.

Meet the authors

Manuel Schoebel

Manuel Schoebel

Manuel is a long-time Meteor veteran who is using Meteor exclusively for all his development work. He has founded several companies and when he is not working on his own projects he is consulting startups with defining and building their MVP (minimal viable products). Manuel discovered Meteor in 2012 when the platform was still in its infancy and he quickly became a renowned expert in the Meteor community for his valuable blog posts.
Manuel holds a diploma in business informatics from the university of Essen with a focus on web entrepreneurship. Together with Stephan he has brought the Meteor meetups to the third largest uban aggolmeration in Europe, also known as the Ruhrgebiet.

Stephan Hochhaus

Stephan Hochhaus

Stephan is probably best known for his popular list of best learning resources for Meteor. He is a jack-of-all-trades who has worked as a consultant, devops engineer, team manager, and developer. Being interested in getting quick results he was instantly intrigued by the simplicity and versatility of Meteor, which he mostly uses for his own projects these days.
Stephan also does consultancy work for teams introducing Scrum or Continuous Delivery. He holds a masters in linguistics and socio-psychology from the university of Bochum and is fluent in regular expressions. Meteor in Action is his second book. Even though uncredited he co-authored an introduction to the production of electronic dance music.

What others say

Just purchased 'Meteor in Action' and am eagerly going through the first three chapters that are currently available and am really impressed with the material and presentation, but how could it be anything but awesome with Stephan Hochhaus and Manuel Schoebel as authors. Thanks for everything you both are doing within the Meteor.js community and for us Meteorites everywhere it is very much appreciated.

John Barnaby. A happy customer.


Excellent Book that covers from Novice to Ninja. I feel very comfortable of reading this book and I never felt that I am new to Java script world.

User 339213. From the book forum.


Meteor will make you much more productive. Read this book now, you won’t waste your time.

Julien Le Coupanec. Founder at Gentlenode. A Meteor & Growth Hacking Studio.


Thanks to @yauh for reigniting my @meteorjs spark. Reading up on Deps and loving it.
Building something over the weekend!

Ralf Rottmann. Serial Enterpreneur


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